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Since taking up hiking, John has created a CIC (Community Interest Company) Mindful Walks NE Ltd CIC No. 11516625. 

Mindful Walks NE Limited CIC enables individuals and groups from a variety of backgrounds and abilities to access walking based activities. In the local and the wider area. To enhance wellbeing and live in the moment.

It makes the countryside accessible to those who would not normally have the opportunity due to and not limited to health issues, limited mobility or those with limited resources by removing barriers.

Mindfulness is the practice of living/being in the moment, rather than worrying or ruminating about the past or focusing on the pain or distress. All common symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Mindful Walks NE provides the opportunity to practice this skill, to encourage increased physical and emotional wellbeing, build confidence and self esteem. Make friends and have new experiences.

Do you have goal or Summit you would like to summit, drop us a line to habe a bespoke adventure.