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What is the Wild Passport?

Wild Passport

Be present and reconnect with Nature.

The WILD Passport is a skill, knowledge and competency based outdoor learning curriculum and progression monitoring system. Providing a five year curriculum, the WILD Passport has 125 Learning Outcomes split over five separate competencies to take learners from the very foundations of woodland skills right through to an advanced level. Designed as a stand alone programme or to support existing outdoor learning approaches such as Forest Schools, the WILD Passport provides a framework for evidencing learner progression and achievement, providing justification for the provision of outdoor learning opportunities.

Wild Passport

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WILD Passport is a five year outdoor learning curriculum; a fully realized progressive skills curriculum to evidence learner progression. Designed for teachers, outdoor learning professionals and other educators.

125 Learning Objectives over five stages of progression and five distinct skill areas

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Wild Passport description 

Now that we've all got our feet back under the table after the summer, I thought I'd reshare the basis of what the WILD Passport is all about! 

Aimed specifically at those Outdoor Learning and Forest School leaders who are looking for ideas for skill based activities and progressions or are being asked by SLTs and managers to provide evidence of knowledge acquisition and skill progression. 

A long term programme (up to five years) designed to follow children throughout their entire primary career, but flexible enough to be deployed in a more "pick and mix" approach utilising those elements that are more suitable to your setting and learners. 

Fits readily into existing provision (e.g. Forest School) or can be used as a stand alone programme (e.g. After school clubs or Home Education approaches) 

Five distinct skills areas; Nature knowledge, Fire, Shelter, Woodcraft and Rope skills! Each skill set progressively and contextually linked to skills in other areas of the resource. 

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